Ningbo Fujin Gardening Irrigation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise integrating R&D, design and manufacturing of intelligent irrigation equipment. In 2019, it was rated as “Ningbo High-tech Enterprise”, with software development department, hardware development department, product research and development department, engineering design department, engineering installation department, mold workshop, production workshop, electronic workshop and testing workshop. Have a strong design and installation team, guide the installation throughout the process, and worry-free after-sales. Independent research and development of “Fujin Easy Control”, “Fujin Yunlian” and “Fujinyun” three software systems, 3V low-power solenoid valve won the invention patent, won the “agricultural water-saving technology first prize” (national agricultural water-saving field The highest award), the smart irrigation system won the key promotion catalog of the Ministry of Water Resources. The self-developed “Mobile Internet-based Large-scale Remote Intelligent Irrigation System” project was successfully selected as the TOP10 Rural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practical Technology Project by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Products are widely used in home greening automatic irrigation, smart community greening automatic irrigation, garden, road greening automatic irrigation, field greenhouse automatic irrigation and agricultural Internet of Things projects.

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